Using Social Media Marketing Tactics To Drive Online Sales

Unless you’re in the enviable position of being completely satisfied with the number of sales your website is making, you can always use a little expert help to push your figures in the right direction. There are many ways you can boost your sales online, however, some of the ‘expert’ advice you’ll see online, is anything but expert.

Try and avoid the latest fads and short shelf life fixes and concentrate on the time tested, well proven strategies, which are likely to give you the biggest results over time. Strategies that once they are in place, will benefit you for the lifetime of your website, not just in the short term.

It’s not exactly breaking news, but social media usage is growing every day and most of your customers will have at least one social media account. So should your business. However, many businesses are missing the boat and failing to capitalise on this valuable resource.

Most importantly, many businesses are using social media ineffectively. It’s not just about throwing anything onto your social media profiles and hoping for the best.

Here’s how your business can succeed using social marketing:

Make Facebook your target

Facebook is the largest and most used social media site by customers and businesses. (source) Apart from keeping in touch with present and potential customers, Facebook is also an effective targeting tool. Use Facebook Offers or Local Awareness ads to reach more locals in your area with offers and discounts.

Engagement and customer service

One of the reasons social media is so popular, is consumers see it as a direct line to your business, so embrace that! Rather than just engaging and promoting offers, ensure you are answering questions quickly and effectively – it will go a long way towards building brand loyalty.

Quality content

No one would buy from a boring looking shop, so ensure the content you’re putting out is engaging and informative – it’s more likely to get shared too!

Take mobile seriously

With more and more people accessing the internet via mobile devices, it’s more important than ever to be mobile friendly. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, you need to prioritise this right now following Google’s Mobile- First Index.

There are many benefits to targeting customers on mobile, as it’s a highly effective strategy for boosting sales. For example:

· Consider text messages using Chatbots
Texts have a very high open rate – 99% in fact – which’s higher than email. They are also a great way of reaching local customers on-the-go.

· Mobile offers
Why not offer your customers exclusive mobile-only coupons? You can also be strategic about when they receive offers, for example offering a free drink between 5pm and 7pm at a local bar will always be successful.

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